Undum 2 documentation

Generating Choices

Generating Choice HTML

Thew new System.writeChoices method allows you to give a list of situation id's and have Undum generate a standard looking block of choices.

It does this by asking each choice how it prefers to be displayed, by calling its optionText method. This allows situtions to change how they are displayed depending on the current state of the character.

Also called is the situations canChoose method. This will normally return true, but if it returns false, the option will still be displayed, but not as a link, and will not be clickable. This allows you to show the player that an option would be available, if they did something else first, such as increase a quality.

On its own System.writeChoices is still mostly manual: it finds the link text for you, and builds the HTML, but you still have to give it a set of situation ids that you want for your choices.

Generating Choices

Undum now also provides the System.getSituationIdChoices method which automatically compiles a list of situation ids, which can then be passed to System.writeChoices for display. This method is powerful and complex, so we'll explore its use in increasing depth.

Generating Choices by Tags

Situations now can have one or more tags associated with them. You can ask System.getSituationIdChoices to return the ids of any situtions that match a tag. This allows you to easily build decisions that you can extend later. You might have a 'chapter' tag, and you mark each situation which begins a chapter using this tag, you can then do.


to return all chapter choices.

The way tags are processed tries to be intelligent. You can match on more than one tag, and any situation matching either tag will be returned, but each situation will be returned no more than once. You can even mix tags and explicit situation ids:

system.getSituationIdChoices(['#chapter', 'introduction', '#endmatter'])

When you only need to pass one tag to System.getSituationIdChoices you can do so without using a list, so the first example above could be equally written: